domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

wildfox fall 2010 + heritage 1981 fall 2010

so... time to get some dirt on me.
i am a little tv america's next top model junkie.
i have watched a couple of season's and so far my favourite girl to win has been nicole fox. probably 'cause she represents the petite side of modelling or just because of her social awkwardness throughout the show. anyways, i related to her and so every once in a while, i get curious and google her to see what she's been doing.
the latest campaigns (i think) were wildfox and heritage1981 2010 fall collections. both of which i love despite having such different feels.
wildfoxe's tells the tale of three misfit girls who find out they've got magical powers.
heritage1981's bets on the nerdy look, back to school vibe. both are adorable.

here are some shots i chose from both campaigns featuring nicole fox.

Heritage1981 Fall 2010

Wildfox Fall 2010

Wildfox Couture Fall 2010: It's Witchcraft from WILDFOX PR on Vimeo.

if you wanna read the whole story of the lookbook follow the link.

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