segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

Uncanny Places by Virgílio Ferreira

This past September 25th, portuguese photographer Virgílio Ferreira won in Braga (Portugal) the 1st edition of the international photography award «Emergentes DST» prized at 7500€.

The body of work of his portfolio «Uncanny Places», was elected by 20 critics, who admired the ability of the author to challenge our usual visual perspective by making double exposure photographs of actions decurring in very small time frames. 
The result are breath takingly beautiful, intricate and fantasy like compositions that go beyond our common knowledge and experience of day to day events.
This is a project the author has been developing since 2007 while on trips around Europe, United States, China and Russia.

 If you wish to read the personal view of the author on the content of his work you can follow the link and while you're at it enjoy some of his other beautiful projects and commissions.

Here are some of  Virgílio Ferreira's Uncanny Places:

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