quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

Gareth Pugh SS 2011

Gareth Pugh always does really dramatic, theatrical clothing you either love or hate. Everyhing is so futuristic, androgynous, sci fi like. The bold patterns, the crazy geometric cuts, the combination of hair and make up turn the models into really cool characters of a high budget movie. This collection is no exception.

The video is so gorgeous. It's a really cool thing being able to see how the clothes react to movement, and how the models react to the clothes.

  •  Director: Ruth Hogben
  • Performance: Kristen McMenamy at DNA models, Jonathan Baker at D1 Models
  • Director of Photography: Simon Chaudoir
  • Styling: Katie Shillingford
  • Hair: Martin Cullen
  • Make-up: Alex Box
  • Nails: Marian Newman sponsored by Minx
  • Production : Gainsbury and Whiting
  • Executive Production : Sam Gainsbury and Anna Whiting
  • Production Management : Kat Davey
  • Set Design: Simon Costin
  • Casting: AM Casting
  • Styling Assistance: Beatriz de Cossio Dominguez, Neil Kalonji
  • Hair Assistance: Neil Hopkins, Mark Francome-Painter, Soichi, Jaimie Tanner
  • Make-up Assistance: Suzy Rycroft, Poppy France
  • Nail Assistance: Adam Slee
  • Music Direction: Matthew Stone
  • Phantom Operator: Martin Goodward
  • Camera Assistance: Nelson Oliver
  • Gaffer: Gary Varney
  • Electricians: Steve Davis, Martin Duncan, Lee Wilson
  • Runners: Harry Flinder, Sandra Leko, Julia Monsell
  • Location: Park Royal Studios
  • Special thanks to Panalux, Park Royal Studios, Pirate

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